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Estia Health 28th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: September

Our residents love this. I tell them every morning what happened on this day.
Janita 12th Aug 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator


We have a number of residents that love to play BINGO that are vision impaired or blind, what we do we have two containers each person with twenty buttons, each person has a selected numbers ie 1-20, another person 25-45 etc. Each time their number is called they place a button in the empty container. we have two chances each game to win prizes, ie if playing for four corners, we allow then to get the first 5 ie (person doing 1-20) 1-5 can call out BINGO.or full house 1-20 BINGO. But i unually take note on my calling board of how they are going.