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denise 7th Dec 2013 personal carer

Ukulele fun

could we have the internet site please it sounds like great fun
denise 17th Aug 2013 personal carer

Iced patty cakes

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Iced patty cakes
denise 17th Aug 2013 personal carer


Would anyone have a templete of a place card for Fathers Day for the residents to colour in ,
denise 17th Aug 2013 personal carer

Colouring-in for September

What a great idea our residents love doing the colouring.Would anyone have a templete for a Fathers Day place card the residents could colour and write their name
denise 17th Aug 2013 personal carer

Father's Day Decoration Garland

What a great idea I will definately get the residents to help with this activity

denise 15th Aug 2013 personal carer


Hi,We are in a very small country town we have15 residents, Where can you buy the bowls from ,can anything else be used it sounds like a great game
denise 27th Jul 2013 personal carer

Hi Karin.
We have 15 residents 1PCA on and an activites officer which works 3 days a week Mon Wed and Fri which works well