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Leonie 19th Apr 2016 Activities Officer

Mixed Media Collages for the Elderly

What a fantastic idea will be trying this at our next craft session
Leonie 25th Nov 2014 Activities Officer

2015 Recreation Therapy Calendar

Thank you Solange, this is one of the best tools.
I write in pencil and that way if things change it is easy enough to alter. I love that it is prefilled with events.
Once again thank you!!!!
Leonie 17th Nov 2014 Activities Officer


Hi kerryn
Spotlight sell the tubes that you are looking for they come in packs of 6-8 and are reasonably priced
Leonie 17th Nov 2014 Activities Officer


Hi Solange, and fellow golden carer members,
Just asking if you will be doing a 2015 calendar.
This has been a wonderful tool, I write my program in pencil and then I can make adjustments as required.
Leonie 21st Feb 2014 Activities Officer

St Patrick's Day Party Game

Definitely going to use this. Thank you!