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Marnie 18th Jun 2015 Services Manager


Hi Morena, I have set up a few Sensory Rooms now, and it is important that we don't "over-stimulate" rsidents in an aged care environment.
I find that a fantastic resource to speak to is Wilkins International in Vermont, Melbourne. They are a bit expensive, but make an appt to visit them, and they will show you some specific pieces of multi sensory equipment, that are ideal for a sensory room environment. I have set up 4 sensory rooms now, at 4 diferent facilities, and continue to use the Sensory Carpet Wall, the Fibre optic curtain, and the bubble lamp with plymth and fish. Your home may already have their catalogue, and if not, just call them and one one will arrive in no time.
I keep this room quite dimly lit, but always leave the door open as an invitation to visit. I have a high shelf (residents are unable to reach), with several lava lamps going all day. (It takes them about 1/2 an hr to start blobbing away), and a himalayan salt lamp in one corner, and also a selenite colour changing lamp. These are the only sources of light, so it is quite an adventure to wander in and take in all of the colours. I have a wall mounted TV, which plays ambient DVD's all day, and they don't require to be re-started as they continually play until switched off before I go home each day. I have a massage table in there, a tea-set, and an electric jug locked in the cupboard. Often when residents are enjoying the room, it is lovely to offer them a cuppa, to maximise the whole experience. I could go on for hours about the therapeutic benefits of the sensory room, but don't wish to bore you. I am vey happy to be contacted if you would like to talk more about these wonderous places, and may be reached at [email protected] Good luck! Kindest regards,
Jo Bozin