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Margaret 2nd Aug 2017 Coordinator


We had a client who was blind (with macular). She was great at threading crafts eg. coloured beads on pipe cleaners. We'd separate the shapes / colours in piles and she would do a better job than the sighted clients. We use bright led lights or a bell to indicate where target points are for games. Visually impaired clients often do better at games because they have no expectation they will win - no pressure. Just let them have a go :)

Margaret 14th Jul 2017 Coordinator


We have run a number of theme days to celebrate the Royal Easter Show at our day centre. Facebook buy swap and sell sites are a great source for stuffed toys. Ive been given heaps of good quality ones for free. Especially if you say what you're doing with them.
Margaret 12th Sep 2013 Coordinator

Sorry you feel like that. You shouldn't have to do work in your own time but you should enjoy it so much you cant help yourself. It does sound like you are not valued in your position and you have burnout. Maybe you need a change.
Have you thought about working in a Seniors Day Centre in the community (heaps of fun) or looking into a career change. You need to take care of yourself above all before you can care for others. Seems a shame for your organisation to lose a talented employee though.