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Cheryl 27th Nov 2013 diversiona therapist

6 Ways to Combat Social Isolation

I love this idea, I have just started working in a dementia specific unit in the sundowning hours and am trying to get organised. this time can be quite challenging so any ideas are good thanks
Cheryl 2nd Oct 2013 diversiona therapist

I used to be a DT in Victoria and at my facility we were expected to assist at everything but never was it in reverse. The care staff thought it was their Rest time when we had activities. God ,those princess chairs were heavy
Cheryl 27th Sep 2013 diversiona therapist


I am a volunteer in DT in Perth and hopefully getting work as well at the same facility. I have just discovered this site and am using it to brush up on my knowledge.I haven't worked in this area so was happy to find this site. It is fantastic. the info and tips are wonderful