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Ellie 14th Jan 2014 diversional therapist

How to Make Pom-Poms

Hi, I get the residents to make the pompoms and then we make them into either spiders with hats or lil people. I found at my local Spotlight Store that I can buy hats, google eyes (the bigger the better, depending on what size the pompom), glasses and also some pipe cleaners.
The spider, When you have made the pompom leave enough wool so you can make a loop so you can hang them, I use 4 pipe cleaners, threaded through the bottom of the pompom, bend them so they look like legs, glue the eyes on and top hat.
The lil people, trace some feet onto cardboard and cover with felt (I use black) then glue your pompom on, to decorate glue eyes, hat and place a pair of glasses over the eyes, depending on what colour the pompom is as to what hat I put on, either a top hat or a ladies hat. Thanks for an easier way of making pompoms, which I forgot about