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Lifestyle 4th Nov 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Melbourne Cup Hats

We always decorate haircombs and headbands with artificial flowers and feathers for our residents and celebrate on Oaks Day with fashions on the fields.
I have discovered through youtube it is easy to curl feathers just like curling ribbons with the back edge of a butter knife.
Lifestyle 2nd Nov 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Memorial Day Poppy (Fabric)

This is the link to Anzac Day website. They are organising for 5000 poppies to be made for 100 year anniversary. There is knitting and crocheting and crafting patterns.
Lifestyle 13th Oct 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Balloon Games

Just to let you know that you can reuse special occasion balloons. Use a balloon pump to blow them up and only half tie the knot so you can easily untie them or use a knitting needle to untie knot - check youtube for a clip to show you how.
Lifestyle 8th Oct 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

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