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Wendy 18th Dec 2013


Hi I have an elderly group with poor mobility and was wondering if anyone knows of some good places to visit in the southwest areas with easy access to toilets and food. Gardens, places of interest to see, low cost would be ideal. Any suggestions??
Wendy 11th Dec 2013


Hi all who have answered
Thank you for your comments, I appreciate the response. Unfortunately Michelle, these clients are not capable of making anything to sell but Suzette, I like the idea of approaching local clubs/ for some funds - Ta. Yes Lauraette we are with AA and I have already gotten some awesome ideas from there and thank you for the offer of assistance.
Wendy 9th Dec 2013


Hi, I have just taken over the management of a Dementia Day Group (which is unfunded). Does anyone have any cheap or free ideas on how to keep reluctant people who have become staid and set in their ways in this group more involved and active. They are moderate level dementia and multicultural.