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volunteer carer From Tasmania, Australia

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sandra 12th Oct 2014 volunteer carer

Words ending with ship

I had great response to this and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of words ending with "ship" came to light. These wonderful people, in varying stages of ageness never cease to amaze hank you. Going to try the Ping Pong balls..Sandra Tasmania
sandra 26th Aug 2014 volunteer carer

Fathers Day Poems

Wonderful, I certainly will use the poems with my weekly Chat Group.
Thank you Sandra tasmania
sandra 30th Mar 2014 volunteer carer

10 ways to increase activity participation

Requiring activities for my Chat Group for around 10 people in varing stages of dementia living at the aged care facility where I volunteer. As a group, with little time for one on one unfortunately. They are my "friends". We only have an hour together which is all I am allocated weekly. I am very humble giving joy to these wonderful people. Thank you.