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Laura 27th Apr 2014 Nurse


Hi all,

I work in an aged care facility that supports both high care and low care residents.. we would love to start a raffle monthly that can be won by both staff and residents.. any ideas on what we could raffle?

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

Laura 27th Apr 2014 Nurse


Hi Christina,

Have you thought about hiring a put-put or mini golf set from your local golf club or even indoor entertainment centre's sometimes have them I know our bowling alley does? You could even get a large piece of green carpet/material and cut a hole in the top and look around second hand stores for old golf clubs and balls?

What about Wii games console on a TV?

Another idea if the resident doesn't have good mobility or has dementia (likes to be repetitive) you could have your resident bag up golf tees and give them back too the golf clubs for a small fee? Keeps them occupied and also gives them community involvement

I hope this helps :)

Laura 27th Apr 2014 Nurse


Hi there,

I am an AIN studying diversonal therapy in a mixed low care/high care facility here in QLD and I am wondering if any other carer's/diversonal therapists have put on a 'show or fair day' for there residents, and how they went about fundraising for there day?

Idea's I have so far include:
Ice cream gelato van
Old McDonald's travelling farm
Baked good's/coffee stand
Fairy floss/lolly stand
Show bags (donated items/trinkets)

Any more idea's would be greatly appreciated, please leave your comments below.

Laura 27th Apr 2014 Nurse


Hi Amy,

Have you considered video games that keep the residents upright and engaged, this will keep with your aim of recovering mobility and preventing falls? Wii Fit? Arm chair exercises that include a mix of sitting down and standing up excersies? Ball games such as ten pin bowling for those with good ROM and gait?

You could contact your local dance school who maybe able to come an do the old time waltz or even rock and roll with your residents who aren't so keen on just on exercising, engaging dementia clients in favourite past times like dancing can be abit easier than having them exercise or take part in a walking group.

A few names I can think of for your class include

Upright an Dancing
Let's Boogie
Ten Pin Stars
Fit at Fifty (depends on your aged group)
Breakfast Club (if the excersies are first up in the morning)
Power 20 (20 minutes of movement to music)