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Anette 22nd Jul 2014 Activity co-ordinator


I cant help you to recommend someone, but I can tell you how I did. I called severel stores and ask if they could come and sell clothes to the residents and now I have two stores that comes twice a year. We have a fashionshow in the autum and one in the spring where both staff, residents and volunteers are models. This is really appreciated becuse there are many who can`t go out and buy clothes in a shop.
Anette 24th Jun 2014 Activity co-ordinator


Hi Jackie!
When I have Bingo is it only full house thats give prizes. The prizes can be small beautiful soaps, showergel, shavinggel, candy all wrapped in fancy packages. Flower in nice pots. We playes for 30 minutes and then a break for coffe and some cakes and then 30 minutes more. If some one wins several times, they get some small chocolate pieces. The only rule is no cheats.