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Cathy 28th Nov 2015 Lifestyle & Wellbeing Co-ordinator


Hi everyone, I currently work in an Activity Centre with members being 80+, I have applied to be the activity officer in an Over 55's village, any ideas for more active seniors would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. Many Thanks.
Cathy 27th Feb 2015 Lifestyle & Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Things that go Together Quiz

My residents and I played this game last Monday and we all loved it. I used different coloured paper so the matching was made a little easier for some. I printed about 6 matching pairs on the one colour page, cut them up and handed out one colour set to each resident. Everyone worked on their set and when complete we passed them onto the resident to their left. After all having a turn on each colour set, we brainstormed and came up with so many new things that go together, no doubt I will be expanding our matching cards.