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Co.As.It Community Services Inc. 21st Nov 2016 Aged Care and Community Services

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hello just checking if we can print the July through to Dec 2017 Calendars. Thank You :)
Co.As.It Community Services Inc. 14th Jun 2016 Aged Care and Community Services

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

Hi everyone, we have a great set of Italian language ones also available on our website which you can access for free. There are also many other resources available to share.
Co.As.It Community Services Inc. 27th Feb 2015 Aged Care and Community Services


Hi Donna 27th Feb 2015
I have done both, Associate Degree in Diversional Therapy with ACU by corresondence, took me 4 years and 1 year for Cert IV within the 4 years it was a bit hard for that year but worth it ,all good have graduated with my family attending great accomplishment at 54 years. Just do it.
Co.As.It Community Services Inc. 22nd Jul 2014 Aged Care and Community Services

10 Spiritual Activities for people with Alzheimer's Disease

Simple and beautiful activities - Maria, QLD