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carol 16th Dec 2016 lifestyle coordinator

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

Old calenders are brilliant for this. We've used these for quite a few years, laminate so they last longer. As said before many topics. I've done one on residents weddings and it's well loved!
carol 7th Jul 2016 lifestyle coordinator

Sundowning: Symptoms, triggers & strategies

We have a "twilight program". In a quiet room with older type music playing quietly between 6 to 8 residents depending. Between 2 and 6pm. We play picture bingo, card bingo, read poetry, short and simple exercise, sing a long, do hand massage, play jenga, have a washing basket with baby and children's clothes to sort, ball games, baby stuffed animals, to mention some activities. A group setting, but each has an individual activity. We have structure, but are also very adaptable. Keep each activity going for a short time to maintain attention We have afternoon tea and dinner. Then each resident is collected and taken either to bed or into the lounge. We find this a successful program, also minimising falls. Our "all important paperwork" is then completed. Shift finishes at 7.
carol 22nd Oct 2014 lifestyle coordinator


at our facility we used paper sort of in between card and paper, measure out a template, this has been a great success. Good luck