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Karen H. 25th Oct 2014 Student


Hi Kerryn. Basically toilet rolls are used because they are a hollow tube already eliminating that step in the cracker making process. You can easily make your own tubes by using card stock wrapped around a tube shape and taped closed, then removing the tube shape leaving you with a hollow tube of card stock.I make miniature crackers using a small glue stick as a template for my card stock tubes then tissue paper and ribbon to complete the crackers and embellish them with Christmas motifs. Hope this helps.
Karen H. 8th Aug 2014 Student

Stringing Beads

Wonderful idea! Adrienne, I am not sure if this would work with elastic but I use a bit of PVA glue on the end of crochet cotton and roll it between my fingers then let it dry. It forms a slightly hardened bit at the end and is easier to thread through a hole. I know it is a bit of work to do before hand but it may just work on the hat elastic? Hope it does.....