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Judy 25th Nov 2014 teacher

2015 Recreation Therapy Calendar

Great calendar. Could you consider adding White Ribbon Day in November?
Judy 16th Sep 2014 teacher

Remembering the clothesline

Recently a Senior told me that if a woman was going into labor (city/urban edge Melbourne), women would hang a single nappy on their clothes line. The nappy line would wend its way to the mid wife's house and she would know to come out. Nappy semaphore!
Judy 8th Sep 2014 teacher

Toys for Boys

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Toys for Boys
Judy 6th Sep 2014 teacher

As a Father's Day event we put on a 'Toys for Boys' display of toys in our Men's Shed. Meccano, model sets, train set, cars, box brownie cameras and photos, cigarette cards/football cards, marbles and stamps. Lots of stories about their childhood. Those with larger families remembering stamps and marbles (free stuff). One person looked carefully at all the bubblegum football cards. Great family stories told. Then we had a bbq.