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Cathy 17th Sep 2020 Special Care Counsellor

Chair Soccer

Another way to play chair soccer is by using a beach ball and a bowling pin.
Seat the residents in a circle and place the pin in the middle.
The object is to try to knock over the bowling pin.
This can be done as a simple exercise or as a fun competition between the residents (1 point for everytime they knock down the pin), or as a team (every second person is on the same team...we use colored pinnies).
If there are people in the group that cannot kick you can give them a hockey or broomball stick. I will often do a quick pick-up game of Soccer Broomball.
Not only are you working the lower and upper body, but also eye-hand coordination and reflexes and most importantly, creating a fun, all-inclusive activity.
Cathy 7th Jan 2015 Special Care Counsellor

Winter Craft – Hanging Leaves

Here's an idea for a no-fail method that has always worked out beautifully.
- Tape down a piece of paper leaving whatever amount you want of it exposed
- Have the person choose color(s) of paint & encourage them to paint all over the exposed can use brushes, sponges, etc./ long strokes, dabs etc...whatever they want/ are able to.
-While it is drying, have the person choose a pre-cut shape of a leaf
-After the paper has dried, place the leaf shape over the painted section, trace & then cut out.
I then usually glue it to a black background & laminate it.
It's great to see someone proud of their work!