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forget me not
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How to make Twiddlemuffs

Had some fur material and made one from this, but placed items inside.
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Cockney Slang Rhyming Words

Rock and Roll = Dole
Jack Tar = Bar
Loaf of Bread = Head
Barnet Fair = Hair
Syrup of Figs = Wigs
Boat Race = Face
Mince Pies = Eyes
King Lears = Ears
North and South = Mouth
Hampstead Heath = Teeth
Loaf = Head
Gregory Peck = Neck
Noddy Holder = Shoulders
Bristol Cities = Titty
Thrupenny Bits = Tits
Bristol and West = Chest
Chalk Farms = Arms
German Bands = hands
Derby Kelly = Belly
Newington Butts = Guts
Fish and Chips = Hips

Thought you might like these to work out.

On yer Loaf of Bread, you've got your Barnet Fair (or maybe a Syrup of Figs). On yer Boat Race, you have yer Mince Pies, King Lears and I Suppose. In yer North and South you've got yer Hampstead Heath. Yer Loaf sits on yer Gregory Peck, which sits on yer Noddy Holder. If you're a woman you might have Bristol Cities (or Thrupenny Bits) on yer Bristol and West.

We've all got a pair of Chalk Farms poking out with a pair of German Bands at the end. In yer Derby Kelly lives yer Newington Butts. Don't eat too much in case yer Fish and Chips start expanding.

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Typical British words and phrases

Here is some cockney slang words that is still used today. There is loads more.

Up the apple and pears = stairs
Ruby Murray = curry
Tom and dick = sick
Rosy lea = tea
Jack Jones = alone
Dog and bone = phone
Can you Adam and Eve it = Believe it
Trouble and strife = The wife
Kettle and Hob = Watch
Barnet = Hair

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Baby Boomers Song Quiz 2

Hi Joanne,

I would be interested as well, in getting a copy please.

Thank you