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Pat 28th Sep 2017 Owner/Director


hello Kathy,
yes, I-1s is your best bet. Just sitting and talking while hand massage is a gift we all need. Fortunately we have a wonderful volunteer who is able to support us in this area. I encourage them to share there interest which is a stepping stone into what ever may lie ahead.
Group settings could be an issue with individuals. eg: noise levels, congestion, are they afraid? There is so much information we need to learn. hope this can help you in some way.
Give yourself a pat on the back. you are doing a great job.
Pat 14th Dec 2016 Owner/Director


Hello Annemarie.
I have worked in a facility with a bus stop. We had 2 bus stops. One at each end of the line. This proved successful. For our residents who just wanted to go home, this gave them a purpose for the time they needed. This may sound insensitive, but they were happy. An explanation would have been given as to why the bus has not turned up.. They would be disappointed but they knew there was another bus stop. This fitted there lives for this moment and distracted them. We would even find the time to have a picnic while waiting for the bus. This does not work for everyone, but if you find peace of mind for an individual, this is a success in your day.