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theresa 2nd Feb 2019 caregiver

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

hi I love the calenders, but the last weeks does not fit in the calender seems to go onto another page.
I have try to adjust it to fit in but does not happen for some reason.
theresa 21st May 2017 caregiver

Ten Ideas to Celebrate International Biological Diversity Day

this is great, I use all the resources from this site, its such a relief to have so much help and great ideas for care facilitys. thankyou lots
theresa 27th Oct 2015 caregiver

Melbourne Cup Quiz II

what a great choice of activitys for the melb cup, i only wish i had more time for preparation. i absolutley love this site!.
theresa 2nd Aug 2015 caregiver

Footy Tipping

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Footy tipping