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Occupational Therapist From Santiago, Chile

About Valentina: Hi everyone! My name is Valentina, and I'm an OT from Santiago, Chile. I studied at the Universidad de Chile and have been working since 2014. Today I work at a retirement home from the german community in Chile, so activities for german residents are very appreciated!! I work afternoons, because in Chile, people do more after 3:30 PM, than before, and you can't skip the nap!!
I'm so happy I found this website, it will really help me, and I'm happy to share activities ideas for latinamerican residents!

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Valentina 18th Nov 2015 Occupational Therapist


Hi everyone!!! I'm Valentina, from Chile, and I work at a german retirement home.
I have many residents with macular disease, and it has been very difficult for me to find activities in which everyone can participate, including the low vision residents.
They are very intellectual, so they like to play cognitive games, but it's very difficult to addapt the ones I have.

If you have any ideas, I'll be so greatful if you share them with me.