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Patricia 2nd Mar 2016 teacher


Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions as to fostering motivation in terms of increasing interest and participation in activities.? I have observed that it is very difficult to get some participants involved in anything but bingo and television. Field trips are great, but we can't be out all day everyday. Thanks!

Patricia 21st Feb 2016 teacher


I have many Vietnam veterans who are very depressed and difficult to motivate.
Thanks for the suggestion, I will give it a try.
Patricia 21st Feb 2016 teacher


Thanks all!
I am already getting to know and love my participants after one week,
and I SO APPRECIATE these very helpful suggestions!
Thanks again.
Patricia 11th Feb 2016 teacher


I am wondering if anyone has some ideas relative to breaking the ice and getting to know
one's participants.I am beginning a job as an activities coordinator in a large day program
for the frail elderly in an urban area and want to start off on the right foot! Any words of
wisdom or suggestions would be most welcome.