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Anne B 21st Jun 2016 activity co ordinator


Do out a plan for the week Monday to Sunday , this planner can be changed every two months etc, have morning activities and afternoon activities.
morning could be:
current affairs/ news paper reading, light exercise, Multi sensory therapy, board games etc

afternoon have some thing different each day;
Bingo, Quiz, Reminiscence therapy, Music afternoon, Arts and crafts, exercise, Skittles/Boules, Sing along Quiz, Cross words, family fortunes. various therapies etc.
You can change it as you find out what residents really like.
there are lots of options
hope this helps
Anne B 21st Jun 2016 activity co ordinator


Hi here are some ideas which i have held in my facilities we have 71 residents.
We hosted a vintage vehicle display on the ground of the home the residents loved looking at the old vehicles. we also held a dog show.
For the dog show we had rosettes for winners and certificates for all who entered, a local dog groomer judged on the day, the residents loved seeing the different dogs.
Have a local football champions visit with their winning cup, decorate the home with the local football colours and get families and residents to wear their club colours make it a party day with music.
We held a family summer BBQ, country and western theme. all dress in check shirts and cowboy hats, residents made props for the day such as cardboard cacti plants and signs for bar, food etc. which they painted, we invited a local country and western singer along, had a magician and the ice-cream van visited it was brilliant.
we have also had a speaker in from the local museum with world war items for the residents to look at. we held an antique fair with a local antique collector, and also had some ladies come in and churn butter the old way residents love these type of events.
hope this is of some help
Anne B 6th Mar 2016 activity co ordinator

Family Feud Game

Hi ,
We play this game its called FAMILY FORTUNES in this part of the world. I made up questions and printed them out in a booklet . Our residents love this game, it gets everyone thinking and coming up with different answers, all answers are correct even if they're not the top 4 answers.
Anne B 27th Feb 2016 activity co ordinator

Tips for Writing Successful Activity Programs for Senior Care

Bingo suitable for Alzheimers
I made up a bingo that goes up to the number 40. I printed A5 size bingo cards and laminated them so clients can mark them with markers and they are easily wiped clean. the bingo balls are from a children's plastic ball pool large and colourful. I wrote the number on each ball with permanent marker. some times each client picks out a ball and sometimes if we have a client who can't play the bingo they will pick out the balls. we say rhymes/ songs associated with each number, ie 3 three blind mice....., 16 one client sings "sweet sixteen and never been kissed" and so on. everyone helps wipe the cards afterwards. The game is short and the clients don't lose interest so we often play two or three games.
Anne B 17th Feb 2016 activity co ordinator

15 Minutes to Share...

I am an activity co-coordinator in a nursing home with 71 residents,
I made up my own FAMILY FORTUNES word game
I printed the questions with 4 top answers and made it to a booklet so other staff can easily use it.
it creates quite a thinking session i get lots of possible answers, there are no wrong answers.
Example :name something that might have a hole in it,
Answers: sock, pocket, a sponge, a strainer, polo mint, i get endless amounts of answers and residents really enjoy the game.