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marilyn 10th Mar 2020 lifestyle volunteer

How to Communicate with Volunteers

As a volunteer for many years in different Aged Care Facilities what worked best for me was to have a monthly meeting so as to have input into the program.
Being able to brain storm and feeling a part of the team is vital. This is enough reward as I never expect gifts but a Thankyou goes a long way.
Many talents shared make it easier for the Lifestyle team. Some of your volunteers may have more knowledge with Dementia.
Thankyou for this wonderful site....
marilyn 24th May 2017 lifestyle volunteer


Thankyou Talita..
marilyn 24th May 2017 lifestyle volunteer


Someone posted a link to Scouts with regards to more read aloud stories, can't find it. Can anyone help please?
marilyn 25th May 2016 lifestyle volunteer

Find It Group Activity

I have found many Where's Wally books in Thrift shops, we also dress up as Where's Wally.