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Lyn 14th Mar 2020 Volunteer


I run a twice monthly session for people with dementia and their carers living in the community. We have decided to close for the foreseeable future due to the Covid19 outbreak. To help avoid social isolation and boredom I am considering producing a newsletter with suggestions of activities that can be undertaken at home.
I would welcome any suggestions that you may have. We are a voluntary Organisation so we have no professional input other than this amazing resource.
Thank you, in anticipation from the UK
Lyn 26th Feb 2020 Volunteer

This Day in History for Seniors: March

i run a session twice a month for people living with dementia and their carers, they love on this day. apart from singing and dancing it is their favourite thing. Thank you from the UK.
Lyn 24th Apr 2018 Volunteer

Laughing Together - Five Activities to Get Residents Smiling

We sang the Laughing Policeman at our dementia cafe last week, everyone loved it and some were crying with laughter at the end of the song. We will definitely be singing it again.
I love this site, as an enthusiastic volunteer running a dementia cafe I need all the help I can get. Thank you from London.