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Lynne 4th Apr 2017 Activity Co-ordinator

How to make Twiddlemuffs

I have done over 175 twiddle muffs which have been sent out free of charge to care homes all around the UK. The joy, stimulation and texture is wonderful for the person in question. What is important that all the items are sewn on with wool so they don't come off and everything is secure. Items to use large buttons, charms, pompoms, ribbons, zips, pocket to put things in. Don' forget to put buttons or a small soft toy inside for added stimulation. HAPPY KNITTING EVERYONE. xx
Lynne 23rd Aug 2016 Activity Co-ordinator


Hi Anna Louise what do you do in Ageless Grace activities ? It's always good to learn something new !!
Lynne 18th Aug 2016 Activity Co-ordinator


I do armchair Zumba with my residents we use cheerleader pompoms, scarves. We do all the exercises working from the head down to the feet. I use Latin American music so its nice and catchy to move too. We all enjoy this and wind down doing some relaxation with calming music. Afterwards the residents enjoy a teatime break with a cup of tea and biscuits x