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Alison 30th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator

Quilting Activity - For those with limited abilities

Thanks. Glad you like it.
Alison 27th Jan 2021 Activities Coordinator

Quilting Activity - For those with limited abilities

We did some patchwork using paper.
Over the course of a couple of sessions, we painted the flowers (about 10cm square of white, 6 to an A4 page).
The next session we centred the flowers on a background page using glue.
Then the residents helped to choose four pieces to join together to make another square using sticky tape on the back.
Finally, I put the medium size squares together to make a large "quilt" to adorn a wall in our dining room.
Alison 18th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator

Artist Impression - Wassily Kadinsky

Can we have more like this? I like that there is no right way to do this, just whatever colours you choose. Sometimes people are cautious when they feel they are trying to represent a real thing like a house, flower or person. This gives some lines to work in, but so much freedom of expression. Thank you.
Alison 28th Oct 2020 Activities Coordinator

Daily Devotion

We already use 'Our Daily Bread' ~ a great resource and easy to use. I have the digital version for me to use which links through to Bible Gateway for the Bible reading each day.
Alison 28th Oct 2020 Activities Coordinator

Christmas Ornament Keepsakes

I think this is a great way to have personal, meaningful decorations. We may will use this for decorations for our own tree. That way, everyone will have contributed to the decorations.
Alison 10th Sep 2020 Activities Coordinator

Magazine Scavenger Hunt

I've been doing something similar to this, but simpler. Residents choose a magazine, I have a list of things to look for and we just all flick through looking for the same thing at the same time. We then share the found images and chat as a group.
Car, garden, cottage, castle (we are in Scotland), town scene, countryside scene, baby, plate of food, boat etc.
Alison 15th Jan 2020 Activities Coordinator

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Program

Props are a great way to add variety. I usually run an exercise session ahead of another physical activity. For example, if we will be using bean bags for our challenges, then we also use them for our exercises.