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Sarah 10th May 2017 Nurse

The Importance of Daily Living Activities for the Elderly

Totally agree person centered is the only way to go,
Have and see activities of daily living empowering people giving them a new focus in life one which enriches daily experience improving self worth and self esteem, its so sad to think and see people who had such enriching lives become dependent on systems that sometimes forget they once had a life mabey very different to the one we are providing.
I believe in O Briens five accomplishments, a great model to base any activity programme on
Sarah 2nd Mar 2017 Nurse

10 Ways to Use Sensory Boxes & Multisensory Spaces

I have used small plastic lunch boxes, filled one with uncooked rice, one with water, another with scented sheets the list can go on and on, this makes the activity easier and a great 1:1 session.
Sarah 2nd Mar 2017 Nurse

Match Ups

Thank you Kath, I have been trying to find something like this for ages, many of my clients are non verbal so look forward to putting this together, I take alot off photos and laminate but sometimes its great to come across something like this.