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Robyn 13th Mar 2018 Activities Officer

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

Here in Alice Springs I started doing exactly this idea for our less active residents . They are called "Activity Bags" and they hold varying items of interest to the resident. The bags were ordered online and decorated with brightly coloured felt letters with the resident's name.
A Journal, Bible or spiritual tracts, snippets of interest like cut out jokes or articles, dementia specific aids, and yes, pencils and colouring books, items that have reflected their life for example, laminated copies of the art works of one of our ladies who was a noted artist, - the contents are as varied and unique as the individual resident is.

Activity bags can be easily carried from room to room by the care staff or relatives and conveniently hold items that reflect thier passions and interests. Good luck with this idea. It has proven worthwhile here.