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Hanif 13th Dec 2016


Thank you for your feedback Melissa and Anthea. I really enjoy the job so far but do sometimes feel quiet challenged by my own confidence. But I think I will get there with time and perseverance. The balloon idea is excellent, I think I will be trying that soon.

Thank you again.

Any ideas on how to overcome the confidence issue would be greatly appreciated.

Adele x
Hanif 9th Dec 2016


Thank you for your reply Solange, I think once I have built my confidence up I will be fine. I am just unsure how to present the activities and how to engage residents.
Hanif 30th Nov 2016


Hi everyone

I am Adele and totally new to the world or residential homes and activities. I have recently begun working as the activities coordinator in a group home with approx. 40 residents with dementia/Alzheimers, all affected at different levels.

Does anyone have any advice for me on how to make for a great activities programme? And also how to make sure I can involve everyone (or as many as possible) from mild to the more advanced residents. A lot of who can't get around at all without the help of a carer. Is there a way I can make sensory work without being to repetitive or boring or ever child like.

Again I am very new to this, I have downloaded and researched quite a lot but nothing quite helps like the advice of people already in the job. I do expect a lot of trial and error with a few activities but would be very grateful for advice and help to push me to be the best I can be.

Thank you