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Lesley Jane 18th Oct 2017 Activities Coordinator


We play traditional bingo, named bingo and musical bingo and the residents love it. This site is so invaluable. I can't thank you enough for lots of good ideas.
Lesley Jane 19th Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator

Salt Dough Magnets

Thanks again for this fun activity. I had eleven residents take part and they all enjoyed making the mixture and feeling the texture of the dough whilst kneading the dough. Painting the next day again was fun and sticking the magnets on the back. Each resident was proud of their shape and have these being displayed on their mirror in their rooms. Thanks again for the great ideas.
Lesley Jane 19th Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator

School Days Reminiscing Cards

I did this activity with my residents on Monday. Three ladies helped me cut the card and questions and happily stuck down with the glue whilst having humerous chat. We then went into the lounge and everyone took part in answering the questions about their school days and I let my residents know about my stories too. The activity was popular with us all.
Lesley Jane 19th Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator

Read Aloud Activities for the Elderly

Thank you very much for this idea. My residents are all in their nineties and we read a humerous addition of The Wizard of Oz. Two of the residents enjoyed reading aloud. I have asked my residents what book they would like to read next. They have chosen Treasure Island and I am awaiting on the delivery of a large print addition. We are going to do this activity a couple of times a week for short periods of time to see if they are still enjoying.
Lesley Jane 19th Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator

Read-Aloud: Audience Participation Story #1

Thank you very much for this activity. My residents really enjoyed taking part and hearing the story that they are keen to do another one.
Lesley Jane 12th Dec 2016 Activities Coordinator

Collection of Fun Riddles

Thank you for the fun riddles and rhyming riddles my residents are enjoying them : ) x