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Pam 11th Jan 2018 Recreation

Snoezelen Rooms and Sensory Environments for Dementia Care

Hello All,
Excited to share ideas with AMAZING PEOPLE.....

Our facility is 150 residents

We have a Rehab unit -ground floor
1st & 2nd Floor is a mixture of general population and Dementia Residents (all levels) -so they are mixed in.
Finding with staff (or lack there of) it is a challenge to program and meet the needs of our Dementia Residents as to "transporting" etc....~ any suggestions as to programming ligistics would be very much appreciated.

Pam 17th Jan 2017 Recreation

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you turned the Calendar from Portrait to can you offer an option to start the month on Sundays instead of Monday?
Pam 3rd Jan 2017 Recreation

Pancake treat

We did a pancake great reviews:

We made the pancakes in the rec room and had a cart go around with the toppings`
which were pie fillings warmed up OMG delish; blueberry, apple (the fav) cherry and strawberry along with whip cream. They wanted to do this monthly:)serve with the breakfast beverages and it went over very well.