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Madalena 20th Feb 2018 Activity Coordinator


Hi Morgan i have that problem myself where I work and management his now aware of the situation. Waiting for things to change hopefully. I hope things change too in your facility.
Madalena 26th Jan 2018 Activity Coordinator


hi everyone

I am starting coffee morning in my facility for the residents of the different wings to gather and socialize any suggestions to keep the conversations flowing . Does any of you organizes this type of event in your facility ?Any suggestions?
Madalena 13th Jan 2018 Activity Coordinator


Hi everyone hopefully you can help me with some ideas for burns night in Scotland that will be on the 25 January.
My budget is small and i have for lounges to decorate.Does anyone has a template of a thistle that i can make with the residents. I managed the tartan table runners and posters of burns and will try to download some of the traditional music and poems for the event.

Any suggestions? Thank's in advance
Madalena 13th Jan 2018 Activity Coordinator


Hi everyone i will start our Happy hour soon.Hopefully will be as successful as everyone. My idea was to play music .have pub games and chat.And because we have a mixture of residents that cannot drink alcohol i thought on offering non alcoholic drinks with nibbles.

Madalena 12th Jan 2017 Activity Coordinator

Soap Making Recipe

I Try the activity and the final result was disappointing , the soaps weren't as smooth as I thought they will be.But lovely activity for reminiscence