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Christine 6th Jan 2018 Activity Director


Go on Pinterest or google right left stories. They have a lot of different ones to choose from.
Christine 19th Dec 2017 Activity Director


we use the right left game and our residents love it. I put something small (usually from the dollar store) in a gift bag with tissue paper and each person gets a bag but they are not allowed to look in the bag. I read the story and every time the word right is said everyone passes the bag that they have to the person on the right of them and when the word left is said then everyone hands the bag to the person on the left of them. When the story is over they get to open the bag in front of them and keep whatever is in it. We have done candy bars or scarves, socks and or any little trinket. Its a great time and they all look forward to the game when we play. Since the first time we played ity our participation level has tripled.

Hope this helps you out a little bit.
Christine 17th Oct 2017 Activity Director


I am from Illinois. I work at a rehabilitation and long term care facility. We offer Happy Hour twice a week. When we have a resident admitted to the facility we make sure to get a Dr.'s order for them if they can have alcohol and we serve wine, beer and soda. One day a week we serve cheese and crackers and the other day we do a special snack like potato skins or saucy meatballs or something along those lines. Our residents love it especial our short term residents. And it is one of the largest attended activities that we have other than bingo or entertainment. We also play some music in the background and I will let the residents pick the choice of music every time this way it is definitely something that they like or want to hear. Our happy hour has grown so much that it has now been moved to the largest room we have to accomodate all of our attendees.