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Diversional Therapist From New South Wales, Australia

About Mary: I have worked in aged care from My time in uni in the early 1980's. Strathalan in Victoria as a craft worker, Merrylands aged day care in NSW, then ARV in Castle Hill, at the start up of Wesley's Rayward Carlingford then Opal Endeavour in Springwood and currently Ron Middleton at Lifecare in North Richmond. I have also completed my degree with Charles Stuart in leisure and health and a course in dementia and the arts in Tasmania. co written some montessori style reading books and numerous other projects.
Personally in my leisure I enjoy practicing yoga, bushwalking, kayaking, patchwork, playing in a ukulele band and working backstage (costume, sets and other tasks) in amateur theatre.
I have 3 children and and a cat as well as my sons cat.
So my life is rather busy but lots of fun.

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Mary 1st Jan 2019 Diversional Therapist


the song from Marcels sit dancing was an irish Jig. he has been doing some training and selling his sit dancing DVDs in australia in 2018 so you should be able to track him down
Mary 1st Jan 2019 Diversional Therapist


I met marcel earlier in 2018 and he now has put out a sit dancing DVD including the washer woman that was on his earlier cd. he comes from NZ but was doing a teaching tour in Australia