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Juanita 3rd Aug 2018 Activity Director


Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you are all having a good day. I am struggling with volunteers. I do get a lot of calls and people that come but once we go over the requirements needed to volunteer it's too much for them. Our facility requires a background checks, TB testing, and Orientation with our DSD plus AD. I am in California and is wondering if any of you have the same concern.

Juanita 11th Aug 2017 Activity Director


Thank You Susan for your feedback...much appreciated.
Juanita 21st Jul 2017 Activity Director


Hi everyone I hope your day going well. I recently purchase 2 tablet to use as 1:1 activities, but before I start implementing the use of the table. I need to develop a policy and procedure for the use and cleaning of the table (infection control). If any one has any ideas or are using this method this help...needing guidance