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JANETTE 7th Jan 2020 Manager


Assisting you from New Zealand
Our elderly clients absolutely love balloon tennis. Its applying their physical and mental needs.
Use either light weight badminton rackets (children's version), or swimming noodles, to hit balloons across the room.
Pass the verbal parcel is a hit. Make up a written story including all your residents/clients names, including directions to either bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, toilets, outside or anywhere in your facility that they may be familiar with, In the story use LEFT and RIGHT LOTS OF TIMES. Every time they hear LEFT or RIGHT, they have to pass the parcel to the person on their left or right.
Once the story is finished, whoever if left with the parcel, it belongs to them.
We get a weekly local newspaper. I write up a question from each page. Clients usually share the newspaper between two, (got to be the same paper for everyone of course), together they find the answer to my question. This encourages sharing, conversation and learning what is happening in their community.
Hope these activities help you, as they have me.