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Abigail 16th Apr 2017 PCC Secretary


I agree - having worked with dementia patients for a quite a while and challenging behaviour for over 2 years, I soon learned that choices must always have a positive outcome.

If your patient previously enjoyed music, you could engage him in looking at record sleeves - talking about the performer. If he was a nature lover, suggest a walk, saying "would you like to see if we can find a squirrel or would you rather look for a rose" for example. No options for no there - it will make him think a little and may spark a memory.

Good luck and bless you for caring so much.
Abigail 16th Apr 2017 PCC Secretary


I have just started a lunch group for the elderly with my Church - all welcome. We have quite a diverse crowd, some with mental health issues, some with mobility issues, some quite ok with no health problems. I am looking for activities that will encompass all of them - have thought of the drum circle but can anyone think of anything else that I can do to encourage them to mix and mingle, and get the laughter flowing?

At this point ANY ideas (as long as they are clean and legal) will be considered!