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Megan 10th Jul 2021 Activity Coordinator


We have been able to take our residents on outings, however, they are not allowed off the bus. Mostly everyone is happy with getting out of the nursing home to go for a drive and get ice cream. However, I would like to take them to a beach to collect sand/rocks/etc for our beach-themed week coming up. I am wondering if anyone would have any suggestions or ideas on how to involve the residents in doing so without taking them off the bus. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :)
Megan 8th Feb 2021 Activity Coordinator


Hi there!

I am currently working as an Activity Coordinator in a 50-bed nursing home with residents ranging from early 60's to almost 100 and varying dementia stages and abilities. Due to COVID we are able to have group activities, but the residents have to remain 6 ft apart. I'm struggling with having bigger groups for activities (word games, baking, sometimes art, etc) as it feels I am doing multiple one on one sessions at the same time, trying to engage everyone. With that being said, if someone isn't getting attention after a few minutes because I am helping someone else, they either get bored, or forget what they are doing and wander off. Sometimes I have another person with me which helps, but doesn't always solve the issue. I try to keep everything person centered as well.
Has anyone experienced this, and/or have any tips or ideas I could implement? It would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thank you!!
Megan 7th Jul 2017 Activity Coordinator


Hi Everyone!
I work at an a retirement home, and my clients are all in the independent living building (~60). I have a good core group who do most things on the calendar, however it is hard to engage the rest of the clients. Now, I know they have more "freedom" then the assisted living/nursing home residents, but participation in most groups are low. I get a good group for exercise, coffee club, wine and cheese, and our tea social, however everything else is subpar. I don't know how else to encourage people, or maybe it's my programs they aren't interested in, however they are pretty set in the schedule they had before I began working here, and are quite vocal when I cancel something for a special circumstance (like BINGO which they play 3 times a week as it is). I"m just kind of stuck, and looking for some advice.

Thank you in advance!