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Megan 7th Jul 2017 Wellness Coach


Hi Everyone!
I work at an a retirement home, and my clients are all in the independent living building (~60). I have a good core group who do most things on the calendar, however it is hard to engage the rest of the clients. Now, I know they have more "freedom" then the assisted living/nursing home residents, but participation in most groups are low. I get a good group for exercise, coffee club, wine and cheese, and our tea social, however everything else is subpar. I don't know how else to encourage people, or maybe it's my programs they aren't interested in, however they are pretty set in the schedule they had before I began working here, and are quite vocal when I cancel something for a special circumstance (like BINGO which they play 3 times a week as it is). I"m just kind of stuck, and looking for some advice.

Thank you in advance!