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Romy 29th Aug 2017 Occupational Therapist


1.Search for the meaning of proverbs and saying or let him fill in the blank spaces. Then he can.give you one.

2.Or use the worksheet of french words and fill them in together. What is a rendezvous, bonjour etc. You can find it on this site.

3 play shuffleboard.even if he doesn t see well. You this game just for fun and it train s it physical function in.his arm. Or let him throw a beanbag in a big circle use bright colours so he can see it? And you need to throw it in a bucket so it s fair from a greater distance.

3.Make walks together

Romy 29th Aug 2017 Occupational Therapist


1.Idd, keep it light. But if he is better on a cognitive level. Their is a game called pim pam pet. Don t know if they have it in english. It s a wheel with all the letter of the alfabet. Then you pick a card like tools, object in the kitchen, boysname etc.. then you spin the wheel and get a letter and you need to search for an answer with the given letter. It s a lot of variation and fun for you too. a Boardgame with simple cognitive and do tasks. You pick a boardgame from the internet and put some questionmarks (?) On it everytime you roll the dice and come on a question mark you.need to pick a card. If you do or answer it right you can have another turn if you answer it wrong. It s the other one s turn.

Do questions: wink with one eye, give your biggest smile, which gesture means everything alright (thumbs up) , which sound makes a dog ,cow ,donky
Cognitive:which colour has a kiwi, who is the president, how many hours are there in one day, ...

4.Or you can use the board for other games. We have a game in belgium called :zeg eens euh. It s a game where you need to talk 1minute about a certain subject and you can t say uhhhh or say the forbidden word. The other one needs to pay attention that you don t say the forbidden word or uhh. If you do it right you can roll the dice again otherwise it s the other ones turn. It s fun to play with others too.
Example Subject: library» can”t say: books
If you want to.make it easier, leave the forbidden.word out.

5:sensory game where you can stimulate his senses.

You can.make it a feeling ,hearing or taste game.
Taste: blind fold and let him taste different kind off stuff and let him guess what it is and. Vice versa.

Feeling: put objects in a bag. Let him feel and guess what he has in it s hand.

Hearing: guess the song that plays on the radio or television

Option 2 play a classic music piece like ode an die freund. And guess which music instrument are in this piece.

6:relaxing: use smells like lavendel to give a calm feeling. Also a hand massage can be very relaxing

Romy 24th Aug 2017 Occupational Therapist


Simple cognitive game : you choose a subject like animals , places,names.
Then you have different variaties to play this game example :subject is names:
1. Alfabet. You take turns. First you search for a name with the letter a then he search for a name with the letter b then you search with c ....
Diffuclt you need to memorise every answer.
2. You start with a name. Then you use the last answer to search for e new name ... example: sofie, eric,claudia ....