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Maria 22nd Oct 2019 Activity Director

American Football or Soccer?

I'm in the US and a former soccer player. I was surprised and pleased at how many of my seniors (all female and 80 plus) knew the difference between the soccer and football phrases! Who says sports are just for men!
Maria 17th Oct 2019 Activity Director

How to Cook Magic Scones

Has anyone tried this with heavy whipping cream (I'm in the US)? I know that heavy cream has less fat (about 36 to 38%). I don't think we can get double cream here.
Maria 4th Sep 2019 Activity Director


I have an activity box (plastic box with locking lid) set up for each unit at my SNF. It has coloring pages, colored pencils, markers, crossword/word search/sudoku books, blank greeting cards, stickers, small puzzle, cards, etc. Pretty much anything that I can think of for individual entertainment. I have a list on the top of the box of the contents and I periodically refurbish it. This way, at least the CNAs/staff can pull something out of the box if my staff is not available. Good luck!
Maria 18th Apr 2018 Activity Director


Thanks, Solange. It sure would be useful if we could do that.
Maria 6th Apr 2018 Activity Director


Has anyone ever heard of a "roving" resident council? The MDS 3.0 Care Plan Cookbook references one under the approaches section for Isolation Medically Necessary (page 96). We are a small facility, and the residents aren't really interested in the Resident Council. "Roving" might solve the problem, but I'm not sure exactly what it is, or if it's even allowed.
Maria 14th Feb 2018 Activity Director


Thanks for all the good advice. The visits aren't really one on one's - they are just giving us time to do our in-room assessments with our new residents. I want to disguise that I'm doing assessments (one the calendar anyway) by calling it something else; I was just needing a clever name for the calendar so I could block off that time for them. "Pop-ins" is cute. If anyone else has a clever name, just let me know. Thanks!
Maria 31st Jan 2018 Activity Director


Hello, Does anyone block off calendar time for Assessment Interviews? I was thinking about blocking off some time on our calendar (maybe 45 minutes every other day) for resident interviews, but don't really want to call it "One on Ones." Does anyone have a better suggestion for a name?