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Diane 30th Sep 2017 Resident Service Cordinator

Balloon Games

For my exercise group I found a similar balloon game as above from The NAAP site. I called it table top tennis. I sat 6 residents around 2 large round tables which I placed together with another activity aide. That morning we had a group of 6th graders come in for a craft group. I had them make me 6 tennis racquets made out of a paper plate and a paint stick for a handle with the residents. They decorated the paper plate with glitter and glue and I stuck the paint stick on the back of the plate with masking tape. Each resident had a "tennis racquet" I played lively music and said out loud "MOVE IT OR LOSE IT ! " as I threw two balloons in the middle of the two tables. Boy did we have fun and boy did the residents "Moved it". You could document it under exercise group, music, arts and craft and intergenerational.