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Amei 20th Sep 2017



I have been having issues with caregiver support and engagement. I was looking to get feedback from other Life Enrichment Coordinators about their relationship with caregivers and how they help or support you during activities. Many activities are supposed to be run by caregivers, which allows me to work on the calendar, planning other activities, etc. However, caregivers have not been following the schedule or helping with activities when asked. I'm at a loss for what to do because I love my job, but I need support and assistance from caregivers that I'm not getting. I also feel like I'm not taken seriously because I'm young, but I don't want to be the bad guy telling everyone what to do - I just need them to understand that I need support too.

Any help or advice is appreciated.
Amei 8th Sep 2017


Thank you all so much for the ideas and suggestions! Now I'm looking forward to celebrating the residents' birthdays and trying out some of these ideas :-)
Amei 29th Aug 2017



Thank you for your response! Would you suggest celebrating individual residents' birthdays or monthly birthday celebrations for all residents celebrating their birthdays during the month?

Thank you!
Amei 28th Aug 2017


Hi everyone,

I'm with Life Enrichment for Memory Care and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas/suggestions for birthday celebrations in memory care. There are about 20 residents in MC currently and I was thinking either a single monthly birthday celebration for all residents whose birthdays are during the month or having a celebration for each resident on their birthday. Any ideas?

Thank you!