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Rebecca 29th Aug 2018 Activity Director


We use this one every morning, for more than 2 yrs. Every time I try to change it to a different one the residents complain. It can be done by people with multiple levels of ability and everything is done seated. Can even be done in a wheelchair, Good Luck!
Rebecca 20th Oct 2017 Activity Director


We are an Assisted Living facility in NY state. I have never heard of such a thing! We have bingo every day, and they complain if it gets cancelled. Ten years ago when we opened and the residents told me they wanted Bingo daily I had to come up with a way of dealing with prizes. I'm not one to load them up with a bunch of useless stuff. We have a coupon economy here. We give coupons for Bingo prizes, and once a month we have a BINGO Store where they can trade in coupons for snacks, toiletries, etc. Around the holidays I will ask if there is anything special that they would like available such as greeting cards , decorations or things they can use for gifts. We also do things like have coupon raffles (Buy in for 5 coupons and win 50), and use coupons for other events such as our Carnival or Casino Night. It is easy to expand upon.
Rebecca 20th Oct 2017 Activity Director

10 Communication Strategies for Dementia Care

Not to make him feel as though he is taking a "Step back", but what about a communication flip book, they can be tailored to the things that he generally would like to express, are a symbol alphabet (which may become more beneficial as his disease process continues) , and can be used in conjunction with verbal discussion to help get over the humps. He can help in the process of making the book and choosing the things he wants to be able to communicate.