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Brenda 6th Jan 2018 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi everyone to my e thank you so much for your valuable input to my question. I have since been on the therapy website and we are trying the Boli ball for her and this has been given the go ahead by the manager and physio. I am hoping that this will be a good start for my resident than putting blankets, sheets etc in her mouth.
Again my thanks and look forward to chatting again soon
Brenda 15th Nov 2017 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi all I have popped in to gather your knowledge! I have a dementia resident who is in a 'cloud chair', no teeth and continually chews the inside of her mouth, fingers or on clothing/bedding. I would like to think that something like a child's teething ring could help her but obviously that would be too small. Any ideas from you appreciated! She has no discomfort by chewing/gumming the side of her mouth and eats food fine.
Brenda 31st Oct 2017 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator


HI I have recently started in an aged care facility all indigenous/TSI dementia and english 2nd language. Looking for ideas of traditional and stimulating activities to introduce. I like to look outside the square to introduce something that will see that twinkle in their eyes of that recognition. Dot painting is done and a bit of bush tucker to some residents.
Your input would be greatly appreciated.