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Doreen 27th Oct 2020 Senior Ministry Director

Eleven Game

I would have run out of ideas sooooooo long ago if it weren't for your website! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Doreen 4th Jun 2020 Senior Ministry Director

Optical Illusion Fun

Thank you for the Brain Calisthentics and Optical Illusion Test! Everyone really enjoyed them!
Doreen 12th Mar 2019 Senior Ministry Director

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

I would love a copy of the Activity Survey but need it in a PDF form. Is that possible?
Doreen 21st Feb 2018 Senior Ministry Director


We held our Winter Olympics last week and it was a great success! Among other things, we passed the torch (like hot potato), threw styrofoam "snowballs" through a hula hoop, skated on paper plates, and played balloon volleyball. Lots of smiles and laughter! So glad it was suggested!
Doreen 21st Feb 2018 Senior Ministry Director


What a great idea! I'll be sure to use it!