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Kerri 22nd Feb 2018 Activities Officer


Thank you so much Kim, I am going to explore this idea with my group! Still would be great to get that original book though!
Kerri 15th Feb 2018 Activities Officer


The original one that I watched now seems to be missing, I couldn't find it. There is another called dancing hand taps which is similar, it fact shows the taps and routine. Anyone in Indiana that could maybe follow this up?
Kerri 6th Feb 2018 Activities Officer


Hi Everyone
Recently I happened across a you tube clip titled "Dancing Hands" recorded in May 2008 by Mary Hopkins in Muncie, Indiana. I have contacted Liberty Village where she was working at the time but she is no longer there and they were going to follow up for me but I have never heard back. I am in Melbourne, Australia so it is difficult for me to get more information. I am hoping someone out there may be able to help me. This is an activity I think my really elderly residents would enjoy. There looks to be a printed booklet of information about the program and also somewhere to purchase the hand taps. I have tried many websites and links but nothing seems available now. I would love to get hold of any information about the program and maybe even find someone who can share the booklet information or their experiences with "dancing hands". thank you in advance