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Liza 17th Oct 2018 Activity Worker


Hi guys. I am doing a day about Rememberence Day. I have a few residents that will be joining to talk about their time in the war. I am struggling though to find activities surrounding this day on here. Any help please?
Liza 3rd Oct 2018 Activity Worker


This is just so amazing. I’ve just had a look. My home said we are doing Snow White this year but I am going to beg the managers to see if we can do one that is of yours as I can see that Snow White isn’t amongst your selection.
Your site is just invaluable and I love the fact that part of it is person led by members to share ideas.
I would be happy to pay more for the wonderful page you provide. X
Liza 1st Oct 2018 Activity Worker


Hi guys.
ive just started working in a new care home and I have just been told that I need to organise a pantomine for December. We are doing Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.
Please does anyone have a script I could use? or any links to getting one. The staff are doing the Panto.