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Dawn 4th May 2019 Activities Co-Ordinator

How to Help New Residents Adjust to Lifestyle Changes

We do all the suggestions I also have an activities session with some flash type cards to prompt thoughts about themselves such as hobbies and interests, where they were born, jobs they were involved in, Family etc. It is encouraged the whole room takes part in a getting to know one another better challenge. It works really well and I always try to attach common denominators with other such as travel and they have been to the same or similar areas in a country. It's always a hard transition but we are generally very lucky in our residents seem to settle in well as we are a very small place.
Dawn 25th Mar 2019 Activities Co-Ordinator

Family Feud Game

Hi I'm looking to implement playing this game - I just can't seem to find where the survey results are -please can you assist

Many Thanks

Dawn 13th Jun 2018 Activities Co-Ordinator

Air Drying Clay: Flower Pot Project

This is lovely and very practical My residents love planting and this is another lovely useable project - Thank you
Dawn 17th Apr 2018 Activities Co-Ordinator

Royals of the World Quiz

Did Lady Godiva also ride through London?
Question No 20 The Queen is 92 this year